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Within the vibrant campus life of UCT, two medical students, Ashraf and Waheed, identified a shared challenge among their peers. High-quality medical equipment, essential for their journey into healthcare, were often accompanied by steep prices. It was 2020, and as the world navigated the uncertainties of a global pandemic, the idea for WiZmed took shape – for students by students.

Our Milestones - A Testament to Trust

Aug 2020 | The Idea Takes Root 

Amidst the pandemic, Ashraf and Waheed launched WiZmed with the goal of making the best medical equipment available to students at the best prices.

Oct 2020 | Crowdfunding Success

The first batch of medical equipment is crowdfunded, marking WiZmed’s initial success with over 100 orders fulfilled. Word was spreading fast across the country about our exceptional prices and service.

Aug 2021 | A Year of Firsts

WiZmed introduces in-house laser engraving – a first in South Africa – and launches the WiZpod, SA’s first stethoscope case. 

Jan 2022 | Authorised at Last

In recognition of our growing market share, we signed an Authorised Dealer contract with Littmann. Our team grew and with a new office, we no longer had to ship stethoscopes from our rooms 😅

Oct 2022 | Time to Scrub Up

After countless customer requests, and months of hard work we finally launched South Africa’s best value scrubs – WiZ scrubs.

Feb 2023 | Personalisation Galore

We worked hard to upskill our team and procure an embroidery machine capable of embroidering names, logos and more. 

Nov 2023 | 1000+ 5-Star Reviews

Woohoo! We did it! 1000+ 5-star reviews which seemed impossible at the beginning – now shining bright on our TrustIndex. 

As WiZmed evolves, we remain committed to our roots. Growth and change are part of our journey, yet our core mission remains: to equip our community with the finest equipment and scrubs at prices that reflect our unwavering dedication to uplifting tomorrow’s healthcare heroes.

The WiZmed Promise

We’re more than your favourite medical supplier. We’re dreamers, students and your partners in this journey. Every stethoscope we engrave, every scrub we stitch and every package we ship carries a piece of our commitment to you.

Our path has been paved with the support of every amazing human who believed in us. Your trust is our foundation, and your satisfaction, our mission.

As we look to the future, we’re reminded that our story isn’t just about us. It’s about every life touched by the healthcare workers we equip. It’s about a shared commitment to care, to quality, and to our community.

Our Story



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