You might be asking yourself… “why are these guys cheaper than everyone else?” Our prices may be lower, but we do so at ZERO COMPROMISE to quality, authenticity and service. By negotiating bulk deals, cutting costs and being as fair as possible in our pricing, we make our products more accessible and pass on savings to our customers.

As medical students ourselves, we understand how tough it can be to pay hefty sums especially for quality medical equipment such as Littmann™ and Welch Allyn™ products. We started WiZmed with the aim of making quality medical equipment available at the most affordable prices. The medical equipment market in SA was frankly quite stagnant, and many suppliers were simply enjoying the lack of other suppliers on the market to keep their prices unnecessarily high. We sought to change this. In the past year of our operations, we’ve been honoured to be SA’s first stethoscope seller offering IN-HOUSE LASER ENGRAVING, as well as our very own custom stethoscope case, the WiZpod range. 

All products are 100% genuine, authentic and you can check the respective serial numbers with their respective manufacturers. We are a registered company and have absolutely zero reason to want to offer you anything but the very best on the market. We’re here to serve Africa, and we’re here to stay. *mic drop*

Enough being said from us – here from our customers to see for yourself *wink*