What is a Parallel Import?

A parallel import is a genuine product that has been imported into South Africa without the permission of the manufacturer or local distributor. Simply put, it’s like buying a product from Amazon USA and getting it shipped to South Africa.

Why do we do this?
WiZmed sources its products from around the world. We look for the best prices and the best deals we can make with suppliers across the globe. We also monitor various exchange rates very closely. Our hard work means that you pay the LOWEST price possible for your product.

Why are we telling you this?
We are legally obligated to inform our customers if a product they purchase is a parallel import. This is a measure outlined by the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) to protect consumers from a lack of after-sales service and warranty coverage by local authorised distributors. We are also obligated to state that “The authorised South African distributor of this product is under no obligation to honour the manufacturer’s guarantees/warrantees or to provide after-sales service”.

That being said, at WiZmed we DO offer after-sales service and we DO fulfil warranty claims through our suppliers.

Are the products I purchase still covered by a warranty?
Yes. However, you will have to contact us in order to process your warranty request and we will handle it through our suppliers. We will cover all relevant shipping costs, provided that the item is deemed defective.

Are these products genuine/authentic?
All Littmann stethoscopes come with a serial number which can be used to validate its authenticity in the Littmann Learning app. Contact us if you have any queries or concerns regarding any of these matters.