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WiZmed proudly offers Africa's largest variety of premium quality Littmann, ADC and ERKA Stethoscopes. We've made it easier for you to shop based on select recommendations for your respective profession.

Stethoscopes for Students

Our #1 recommendation for students is the Littmann Classic III range, with its wide variety of colours and a robust 5-year warranty that is bound to last you throughout your studies. Other budget-friendly options include the ADC 619, ADC 603 or ERKA Finesse 2 Series.
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Stethoscopes for Clinicians

Our #1 recommendation for clinicians is the Littmann Cardiology IV range, with its wide range of colours, dual binaurals for optimal acoustic and diagnostic capabilities. For those who would like a single diaphragm Littmann stethoscoe, we would recommend the Master Cardiology range. Other budget-friendly options include the ADC Cardiology and ERKA Sensitive Ranges.
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Stethoscopes for Paediatricians

For those looking for trustworthy acoustics, we recommend the Littmann Paediatric/Infant Stethoscope Ranges. We also recommend the ADC's Adimals range with interchangeable animal heads for those who would like to entertain their little patients.
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Stethoscopes for Paramedics

In the critical care setting, we heartily recommend dual tubing binaurals for optimal acoustic quality and rapid diagnosis. The Cardiology IV is our top pick for those working in critical care settings. The Classic III would be our next pick as the best balance of sound quality and price, and our most budget friendly option would be the ADC Cardiology series.
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Stethoscopes for Nurses

The Littmann Lightweight II, the German-made ERKAPHON and ADC Sprague Series are perfect for nurses especially when measuring blood pressure.
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Every superhero has a sidekick. For health professionals, it’s their stethoscopes! Find your best fit of a stethoscope from our wide range of stethoscopes. From Littmann Classic III, Littmann Cardiology IV to ADC and ERKA, we have them at the best prices in South Africa. Enjoy our convenient, easy and no-delay precision laser engraving service. Also, check out our customisable WiZpod and Pod Technical Stethoscope Cases.